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Rio is a very knowledgeable and dedicated practitioner and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

My passion for helping women understand their bodies and achieve healthy periods. This stems from my belief that menstruation is a natural and important process that should be embraced and celebrated. Unfortunately, many women are not taught about their menstrual cycles or how to care for themselves during this time. This can lead to confusion, discomfort, and even health issues.

Through my work as a clinical naturopath, I aim to educate and empower women to take control of their menstrual health. I believe that by understanding their bodies and how to support them, women can experience more comfortable periods and better overall health. This includes educating patients about nutrition, stress management, exercise, and natural remedies that can support menstrual health.


We understand everyone has a unique ‘health journey.’ We tailor our service to fit your individual needs.

Flexible Combination

We welcome patients who want to combine our service with other branches of medicine.

Your Mindset

We believe your mindset plays a critical role in your health.

Meet Rio

I am a certified naturopath with a nursing background and possess evidence-based knowledge. My clinic is located in Moreton Bay region. 

Greetings! I am a clinical naturopath, entrepreneur, and mother of two. I possess evidence-based knowledge as a fully qualified naturopath with a nursing background. I operate a clinic on the north side of Brisbane, QLD.

My passion lies with assisting more patients to comprehend their bodies and achieve fabulous health.